Analyzes complex enterprises and creates new models
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Studies the people, technology and processes of complex enterprises, understands the way they work together and then creates beneficial alternative strategies and plans.

ABACUS is quite simply the most flexible, cost-effective, feature-rich and easy-to-use I.T. strategy, planning and enterprise modelling tool on the market today. What can take months with other tools can be done in minutes with ABACUS.

ABACUS is a powerful tool for modeling, understanding, and analyzing complex enterprises across people, process and technology. Using world leading, patented technology, ABACUS® analyzes the trade-offs between multiple architectures and helps enterprises achieve the optimal roadmap prior to investment.

ABACUS is a flexible modelling tool that predicts the benefits, effectiveness and cost of alternative strategies. This is achieved through:

-Analysing an enterprise using metrics such as total cost of ownership, performance and reliability, and performing sophisticated trade-off analysis for guided decision making;
-Uniting various levels of a complex enterprise into an integrated, hierarchical, single point of truth; and
-The communication of an enterprise model and analysis using graphs, two dimensional pictures and advanced three dimensional visualisations.

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